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Define blackjack. blackjack synonyms, blackjack pronunciation, blackjack translation, English dictionary definition of blackjack. n. 1. A leather-covered bludgeon with a short, flexible shaft or strap, used as a hand weapon. 2. Games A card game in which the object is to accumulate... Blackjack | Definition of Blackjack at Dictionary.com Blackjack definition, a short, leather-covered club, consisting of a heavy head on a flexible handle, used as a weapon. See more. Blackjack - Wikipedia Blackjack is the American variant of a globally popular banking game known as Twenty-One, whose relatives include Pontoon and Vingt-et-Un. It is a comparing card game between usually several players and a dealer, where each player in turn competes against the dealer, but players do not play against each other. What does blackjack mean? definition, meaning and audio ... Definition of blackjack in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of blackjack. What does blackjack mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation (and phonetic transcription) of the word blackjack.

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What is the meaning of blackjack hand? This is a question we should be asking Jeffrey Lisandro when we see him next. How To Play Blackjack | A Beginner’s Guide To Help You Win More The in-depth explanation is coming up in a minute, but here’s a sneak peak of what we consider the basic steps of how to play blackjack online.

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Definition of blackjack - a gambling card game in which players try to acquire cards with a face value totalling 21 and no more., a widely distributed weed Blackjack dictionary definition | blackjack defined blackjack definition: 1. a large beer mug, formerly made of leather coated with tar 2. black flag 3. a small, leather-covered bludgeon with a flexible handle 4. a SE ... Meaning Of Word Blackjack

Meaning and Origin. From the card game blackjack, also called twenty-one, which is one of two pronunciations of 2NE1's name (the other being "to anyone").

What does blackjack mean? - Definitions.net Definition of blackjack in the Definitions.net dictionary. ... and translations of blackjack in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Urban Dictionary: Blackjack